Politically Indicted

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Politically Indicted


The arrest, trial, and acquittal of Ridgefield mayor Anthony Suarez garnered widespread media attention. Below are some of the stories and documents, many of which are referenced in Politically Indicted, that capture the public and private discourse during this difficult time in Ridgefield’s history.


New York Times
Mayor in Corruption Inquiry Won’t Quit, and Residents Worry

Court documents say Solomon Dwek stashed $1 million from authorities

News 12
Deliberations in Anthony Suarez trial enter 3rd day

CBS New York
Mayor’s Recall On Ballot For Ridgefield Voters

Wall Street Journal
Ridgefield, NJ Mayor Acquitted In Bribery Trial

News 12
Ridgefield mayor acquitted in federal corruption trial

Blue Jersey
Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez: Not Guilty on All Counts

N.J. mayor acquitted in federal corruption trial

Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez found not guilty on federal corruption charges

Jurors view video of Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez meeting with Solomon Dwek



Letter 6
May 30, 2001
A letter to the editor by a municipal employee.
Letter 2Letter 2
December 20, 2007
A letter from Robert W. Avery, airing a grievance about a city council meeting.
Letter 3
Nov 14, 2008
A letter from Cory Booker after the New Jersey Mayors’ Municipal Issues Meeting.
Letter 5
July 30 2009
A letter of support from a constituent after the arrest.
Letter 6
August 21 2009
The official petition to recall Mayor Anthony Suarez from the Borough of Ridgefield.
Poster 1 FrontPoster 1 Back
A negative poster issued by Ridgefield Republicans.
Poster 2 FrontPoster 2 Back
A negative poster issued by Ridgefield Republicans.
Poster 3 FrontPoster 3 Back
A poster issued by the Ridgefield Republican Organization.
Letter 1
A letter from a constituent expressing support.
Special Election
June 14, 2010
An official Certificate of Sufficiency declaring a special recall election.
Recind Petition Recall
September 17, 2009
The official letter confirming the petition to rescind the petition of recall.
Letter 4
October 24, 2010
A letter from a supportive constituent.
Letter Hackensack
Nov 14, 2011
A letter from the city manager congratulating Mayor Anthony Suarez on his re-election.
Letter 7
Nov 29, 2011
A congratulatory letter from Marcia A. Karrow, Executive Director of the New Jersey Meadowlands Comission.